Distance & Space 2015 Video clips from "Wasteland" paired with artist's text

Pieces of “Wasteland” are present next to acceptable forms of the romantic so that the viewer can see the romantic that exists inside of the film. Text is paired with scenes from the film. The text is a kind of representation of the romantic that I find visible in the chosen scenes.

House 2015 Polaroids paired with envelopes with artist's text

Two polaroids are displayed with handwritten text on the front of an envelope. The polaroids represent a hidden personal that is reveals through the text. The text reveals vulnerabilities about myself that relates to the imagery in the polaroids. The text combined with the imagery represents both internal and external vacancies. The majority of the imagery are composed of pieces of my space, with a few images of pieces of my body. This space exposes a piece of myself and insecurities, an external space that represents a kind of vacancy. The text speaks about an internalization of the vacancies in the imagery. The blank envelops are included to speak about a potential but also a lack.

Light 2015 Color Inkjet Photograph paired with audio from "Wasteland"

At a certain time moonlight and streetlights filter into my space. I watch the light spill into the room from the comfort of my couch. My dining room chairs sit back to back and touch one another. The light filters through them and hits the wall of the kitchen. The chairs are a reminder of a potential for a relationship, an exchange and a shared meal. I have made a large format photographic image of this moment. The photograph is paired with audio from “Wasteland” about a moment in the film in which Anna tells Jackie about when she saw a UFO. There is a line near the end of the audio segment in which Anna says “I wanted to see it closer.” This line reminds me of the light filtering in and becoming closer to me.

Potential 2015 Laser jet transfers onto glass plates with gold star stickers 

Images from theses screenshots are of members of OkCupid.com, an online dating site. Ads display photos or potential matches for individuals to “Star” or “X”. 

Crushed 2015 sound installation, altered found object paired with audio from "Wasteland"

One of the larger pieces in the show is a installation that is paired with two audio segments from “Wasteland.” The installation is a 36 by 36 table that I burned the names of my crushes into the wood surface of the table. A table represents a gathering for me, a site of a relationship and an exchange, familial and romantic. A meal is shared with another, an exchange. The audio that is paired with the table show two sides of a relationship. On one side it is a sweet game of go fish and across the table the audio reveals a harsh sweetness. The two speak of “always” and their friendship; how they once lost each other but are together again. The relationship has changed and now they are lovers and friends, sharing are more intimate bond. They wonder if they can trust one another and the relationship they share.

Creature 2015 Gold-leafed flowered paired with audio from "Wasteland"

The flowers represent a two-fold gesture. The romantic gesture of giving flowers, an implication of a relationship between two people. The act of gold leafing also implies a kind of romance and the flowers become a hyper-symbol of romance and romantic gestures. I use the gold leafed flowers as a way to talk about the hyper-real that exists inside of porn. The actors are a kind of ‘creature’ that are either hyper-feminine or hyper-masculine. Women in the films usually have had breast implants and are dressed in a way that makes their bodies super visible. The porn actors fulfill a need for the viewers/consumers, the need being a sexual release. An intimate exchange that is put on display for the viewer to live through. The audio that I have paired with the flowers talks about the idea of being a creature. It is a conversation between two lovers and each reveals insecurities about how they are perceived along with how she sees herself. The exchange talks about reality in line with expectations, expectations they have for themselves and that they had for each other.

Jackie “You were always the special one…”

Jackie “Sometimes I think that there is something wrong with me…

I’m not a girl and I’m not a boy but I’m some weird species that’s not built like everybody else”

Anna “I like you just the way you are”

Jackie “You don’t understand, do you?

Anna “I do, I do Jackie.”

Extension 2015 Installation, two used false eyelashes

While researching and watching Wasteland over and over again I began to notice small details and lighting effects. I watched the way the shadow of the false eyelashes cut across the actresses face. The image was no longer the person but the image of this shadow falling across her face.