Preservation 2014, erased 45 minute cassette tape

Preservation is a sound and video piece in which I speak the slights to my mother about my childhood. Once I am done speaking I then take the tape and using a magnet I demagnetize the tape, erasing the audio forever. The reason for erasing is to protect my mother from what I said. These statements needed to be released but once I did I knew my mother could never hear them. I never wanted her to hear them. The audio only produces slight static and a rhythm from the sound of the tape head moving.

Rememory 2012 Five audio tracks approximately 30 in duration recorded and rerecorded on cassette tape. 

The piece consists of sounds and dialogue that I have collected onto 5 cassette tapes.  The tapes are recorded and rerecorded several times; degrading and altering the tapes, and creating a dreamlike memory of the places that I have lived.

The sounds are of things, moments or places that remind one of a memory or a moment. Each tape focuses on a sense: sight, hearing, taste, feeling, touch and smell and relate to one of the senses.

The dialogue that exists within the sounds talks about the differences of the various places I have lived. I record a thought or idea that is specific to one of the places and then later that day or another day I try to record over that thought or idea. Sometimes the viewer/listener can hear the bits of the pervious recording and hear that over time my memory or thought changes. At times I feel nostalgic about the memory and at other times I shorten the idea or memory into something simple.