Perennial 2017 Installation (Black-eyed Susan seeds passed down)

Perennial speaks about a claiming of space. Flowers can be a sign of the passage of time but these seeds remain in their liminal state feel frozen in time, waiting. These seeds have become a burden because they have no home or chance to become flowers.

The seeds were donated to the Indianapolis Art Center to plant in their garden after the two-person exhibition ‘please’ featuring the installation concluded. This gesture allowed for a release and acceptance of my own relationship to home.

Collapse 2013 tin can

A ritual or gesture that I have done since I was a child to express or release the pain or anger is throwing a tin can on the ground until I feel better or until the can explodes, which is how the performative/sculptural piece “Collapse” was constructed. This action relates to the permanence of our actions and the damage caused from an emotional collapse. The gesture is a private ritual that I constructed as a child and the gesture has a different weight then the other gestures.

Contained 2013 alloon with hand-cut phrases placed inside, artists inflates balloon

Contained I cut out letters that made up phrases or thoughts of my own then I placed them into balloon. It was about my inability to communicate some of these things, they are contained in my skin and unreachable to those around me. If the balloon was to pop and the letters released the phrase would still be unattainable.

Phrases 2013 Installation

I used phrases that I think about in regards to self, memory and places. I changed the space with the words, installing them on walls and using newsprint stencils. The more successful pieces are the ones in which the text seems to be invisible for a moment. It reminds me of how we contain or censor ourselves and do not always say versions of ourself.